How to Successfully Sell Your Home

Currently there are approximately 1,000 residential listings in the Vail Board of REALTORS® multiple-listing service.  Buyers have many options to choose from in the Valley and are currently taking advantage of what is often referred to as a “Buyers Market”. If your home is currently listed for sale, the following suggestions can help to provide a successful selling strategy for your home.

  1. Price the home to Sell: All too often sellers overprice their home because they believe “it only takes one buyer.” While this is true, in the current market, most buyers are expecting lower prices. Get your REALTOR® to present you with a realistic number for your home. They can look at other comparable properties to find an appropriate range of prices. Other properties sold near your home with similar attributes can help navigate you to the right listing price.
  2. Staging. Having your home staged with furniture and other design elements is important. Remove all clutter from your home and stage your furniture in the way that best shows off the space of your home. Consult your REALTOR® or a professional designer for helpful hints.
  3. Open Houses. Open houses are a great way to generate interest in your home. Having open houses every regularly can help to maximize the exposure of your home. 
  4. Use a REALTOR®. REALTORS® have access to many resources to help sell your home. To sell your home, you will often have to accommodate multiple showings a week and sometimes at times that are not convenient to your daily schedule. Your REALTOR® will work with these potential buyers. 
  5. Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is the most essential avenue to use to get your home advertised. You must be listed with REALTOR® to have your home in this database. REALTORS®  are able to see listings in the MLS and can send them to their clients. 
  6. Buyer Financing. Sellers can structure situations that offer money back to potential buyers to help strengthen a buyer’s purchasing power. Sellers sometimes offer to pay for the buyer’s closing costs to make the deal more attractive. You might want to consider some of these options when listing your home.
  7. Consider All Offers. If a buyer makes an offer on your property, take it seriously. You may want to counter the offer and try to work the deal to different terms or you may be willing to accept the offer given by the buyer. The important thing is to engage in the offer with the buyer the different motivations of a buyer. 
  8. Purchase over Pride. It is possible that you may have to accept less money than you expected on your property. If you need to move and renting out your home is not an option, you may have to accept a lower sales price. Be consoled by the fact that as a buyer, you may find a good deal as well.