Questions you should ask when you are looking for a home inspector

Buying a home can seem like an endless series of critical decisions. Once you find a home that works for you, you will need to hire a home inspector to help communicate to you what the house has to say. Having a home inspection is great peace of mind and will offer invaluable information to you prior to your purchase.

1. What type of training does he or she have in the field?
Things can change very quickly in the home inspection business so be sure to get someone who is knowledgeable and up to date with current housing trends.

2. How long as the inspector been in business?
You will want someone with experience so be sure to ask how long they have been in the home inspection business. 

3. Do they have E&O Insurance?
Errors and Omissions Insurance is very important and you will be very surprised to know that a high percentage of inspectors don’t have it.  Ask yourself this question, “If the home inspector can’t afford E&O Insurance, how will they be able to fix a problem that they miss during the inspection”?

4. Is the inspector a member of ASHI?  (The American Society of Home Inspectors)
ASHI is a professional organization that requires its members to pass a stringent test before getting that designation.  There are many organizations that home inspectors can belong to, but a lot of them just require you to send in an annual fee to become a member. Being an ASHI member lets everyone know that you are qualified to do the job.

5. Does your inspector provide a detailed written report with pictures?
Not only do professional home inspectors provide a detailed report which can be 20 pages or more, they almost always provide pictures. Insist that your buyer get a qualified, professional home inspector.

6. Does the inspector belong to local home inspector professional organizations?
This tells you that they take their business seriously by investing in themselves and their education.

Learn to be a team

Today, home inspections are an integral part of most real estate transactions. As real estate investors, if we learn to look at the home inspector as just another part of our team, it will completely change the dynamics of the whole experience. And don’t forget about presale home inspections. I talked about these in a recent article. I still believe that they can save real estate